Atkinson Portable Braillewriter


Accession Number: 1992.34

Description: Cast aluminum body with textured gray-brown finish, carriage in middle of machine has black enameled feed surface for paper, black plastic paper roller knob on right side of carriage; paper roller is knurled aluminum, secondary paper roller is steel rod with two knurled rollers; secondary roller is raised to release paper by nickel-plated lever immediately to right of roller; paper remains flat on carriage during brailling; carriage moves from right to left; seven black plastic keys mounted to top housing of unit; nickel plated brass line advance lever in lower left, steel backspace lever on mid-left, aluminum carriage lock thumbscrew on right side of paper carriage; on top is yellow and black decal, "Braille Institute of America Inc., BIA, Portable Braille Writer, pat. pend"; serial number 6-33-B stamped on the bottom left side of the braille writer; carrying case weighs approximately 4 pounds and is integral part of the writer, serving as its base, lined with black felt pad; case has a black textured finish, leather handle, and nickel plated corner reinforcements; "Braille Institute of America" logo and the words "Portable Braille Writer" beside the handle; metal spring clip, attached to the inside of the lid, holds paper.

Height: 5.75

Width: 7.75

Length: 14

Weight: 425.25

Date Made: 1949

Place of Origin: Los Angeles

Subjects: Assistive technology Braillewriters Mechanical writing.

Made: Braille Institute of America

Material: Aluminum, steel, plastic, leather, brass, nickel, wood

Exhibit Label: Braillewriter

Updated: 04/15/2014