APH Talking Book Reproducer


Accession Number: 1992.8

Description: Portable electric talking book phonograph; brown leatherette-covered wooden case, corners reinforced with riveted tinplate; tinplate feet on both right side and bottom of case; brown-painted stitched leather handles on steel D-rings bracketed to left side of case; recessed round heat-release grills on lower left and lower right sides of case; two stamped steel latches on front; removable lid hinges open, sliding steel support on right; large speaker with brown plastic cord wrapped on steel bracket is stored inside lid; brown wool "flocked" textured steel turntable, 9" diameter; black crazed-finish on rectilinear steel tone arm on right with thumbscrew to lock it to black steel tone arm rest, thumbscrew on front of arm allows replacement of needle; brown plastic duplex electric cable stores on two brown steel brackets behind turntable; brown grill covers three electronic tubes behind bracket; fuse and speaker jack in recess behind tone arm; nickel steel needle case with self closing lid on left rear of deck; controls on black bakelite panel in recess in front of tone arm, including on/off toggle, black tone dial, black volume dial, and headphone jack; label pinned to deck in front left, "TALKING BOOK REPRODUCER/MFG. FOR/AMERICAN PRINTING HOUSE FOR THE BLIND/LOUISVILLE, KY/BY SANDWICK-BOWEN CORPORATION/BETHESDA, MD/VOLTS 115 A.C. SPEED 33 1/3 RPM/CYCLES 60 SERIAL NO. 5."

Height: 11

Width: 16.5

Depth: 16.75

Date Made: ca. 1950

Place of Origin: Bethesda, MD; Louisville, KY

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: APH Collection

Credit Line: APH Collection, 1992.8

Subjects: Assistive technology Reading devices for the disabled Talking books

Dimension Notes: overall, closed

Made: Sandwick-Bowen Corp.

Material: Wood, leatherette, steel, plastic, aluminum, Bakelite

Updated: 03/18/2014