APH/SEI Talking Software: Dickens [Computer file]


Accession Number: 2002.137.3a-b

Description: "The disk on Dickens provides an in-depth study of Charles Dickens' era and his writings . . . targeted for use by legally blind high school and college students, and adults." --page 1 of manual. For use with Apple II computers that have at least 64K of memory. The 5.25" floppy disk titled "Dickens," is in a clear plastic pocket in a blue 3-ring hardcover binder, which also contains the "Dickens: APH/SEI Talking Software User's Manual" in both braille and large print hardcopy versions, c1988. Manual was written by Steven Sliwa, President, Sliwa Enterprises, Inc., and Debbie Willis, Research Scientist, APH. APH catalog no. D-18200-00. .3a - disk .3b - binder

Height: 11.5

Width: 9.75

Date Made: 1988

Credit Line: Gift of Lori Miller, 2002.137

Subjects: Assistive technology Literature Software

Dimension Notes: Large print manual: 24 p. ; 11.5 x 8 in. Braille manual: 27 p. ; 11.5 x 8. in.

Made: American Printing House for the Blind / Sliwa Enterprises (SEI)

Updated: 07/29/2015