APH “old slides” of production processes and building

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Accession Number: 2009.22.29

Description: Eighty-seven (87) color slides of the American Printing House for the Blind, focusing primarily on braille and talking book production processes and on the newly released recorded World Book Encyclopedia: 1. APH sign on front lawn. 2. APH sign seen through Dogwood tree blossoms. 3. Roof lines of 1883 building (center), 1955 addition (l) and 1958 addition on east side of APH. 4. Rear northwest corner of APH building (1980 addition), showing Dock 3. 5. Braille stereotyping room. 6. Stereotyping metal embossing plates with braille. 7. Keying in data. 8. Data tapes for automated braille production. 9. Removing keypunch cards produced from computer data tapes. 10. Loading keypunch cards for automated stereotyping of braille embossing plates. 11. Room of automated stereograph machines. 12. Boxes of keypunch cards used in automated braille stereotyping of metal printing plates from which "Ingrid Bergman: My Story" was produced. 13. Woman using a braille proof plate press to produce proofreading copy. 14. Employees proofreading pages of braille in proofreading room. 15. Close-up of braille proofreading team seated at table: proofreader (l) sits across from copyholder (r). 16. Woman using correcting tongs and hammer on a metal printing plate to flatten incorrect dots. 17. Man using a Seybold industrial paper cutter. 18. Woman dampening braille paper in a tray of water at wetting station. 19. Woman inserting a sheet of braille paper into a clamshell platen press. 20. Woman collating embossed braille pages while seated at table. 21. Woman checking collated and folded braille pages. 22. Trimmed binding board, stacked on a wood tray (foreground), and a glue machine in binding area for hard covers. 23. Two women, seated across from one another at a case-making line, manually assembling hard covers for braille books. 24. Employee using a foil stamping machine to add standard print to spine of hard cover. 25. Loretta Devore stamping braille labelling on book cover. 26. Two women, one sitting (at left) on one side of a table and the other standing on the opposite side, glue liners inside hard covers for books. 27. Woman picking up signature of braille pages for hole-punching. 28. Woman inserting signature of braille pages into cercla binding strip. 29. Woman using riveting machine to fasten cercla-bound signatures into spine of hard cover. 30. APH Editor Ralph McCracken holds and looks over a completed braille book as he stands in front of a cart filled with hardcover volumes of braille. 31. Braille embossing plates (metal) wrapped in paper and stored on shelving. Paper i.d. tags hang from the wrappings. 32. 1981 braille copy of book "The Rights of Physically Handicapped People," in 2 volumes; open volume rests on top of a closed volume. Much smaller standard print volume is in foreground. 33. Man wearing headphones runs an ink printer to add standard print to cover sheets. 34. Woman adjusting metal printing plates in a rotary press used for printing braille magazine and pamphlets. 35. Braille rotary press, overhead view. 36. Automated collating line for braille magazines. 37. Removing braille magazines from automated collating line. 38. Boxing a braille issue of Reader's Digest magazine. 39. Talking Book narrator reading in recording studio. 40. Monitoring a recording studio session. 41. View of recording session from monitor's control room. 42. Proofreading an open-reel tape recording. 43. Inspecting a Talking Book record on a record lathe. 44. Close-up of inspecting a Talking Book record on a record lathe. 45. Silvering a metal master used in Talking Book production. 46. Metal plating bath in Talking Book production. 47. Removing a pressed Talking Book record from master. 48. Employee holding a metal master readied for Talking Book production. 49. Scooping up pellets of plastic material used to make a record disc. 50. Employee using machinery for making records. 51. Open view of a record press, showing metal masters. 52. Record press, open view. 53. Record press, closed view. 54. Rigid disc on record press. 55. Woman inspecting a pressed record before inserting it into a record sleeve. 56. Three women putting records into shipping containers. 57. Talking Book record of "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory (a Julia Ward Howe biography in 4 rigid discs), the open shipping container, and the original standard print book. 58. Flexible disc line for recorded magazines. 59. Close-up of roll of plastic film on flexible disc line. 60. Inkprint labeling of flexible disc. 61. Heat tunnel of flexible disc line. 62. Open view of heat tunnel for flexible disc. 63. Close-up of flexible-vinyl disc press. 64. Close-up view of pressed and labeled flexible disc. 65. End of line for flexible disc production. 66. Removing pressed disc from flexible vinyl sheet. 67. Two women listening to pressed flexible records for quality control. 68. Flexible records envelope inserting line 69. Flexible records inserting machine 70. Finished recording, on 5 flexibile vinyl discs, of novel "Filaree," with standard print book in center foreground. 71. Natural History, February 1981, recorded on flexible discs, with standard print issue at right, in foreground. 72. Employee looking at instrument panel in mastering room for recordings. 73. Woman working with tape machine in mastering room. 74. Close-up of loop bin on master tape duplication unit. 75. Woman using two loading machines to fill audiocassettes with recorded tape. 76. Labeling and inspecting completed audiocassettes. 77. Woman listening to audiocassette recordings for quality control. 78. Woman running an automated braille label machine for audiocassettes. 79. Betty Hardin holding an open mailing container filled with recorded audiocassette(s); two cardboard boxes filled with audiocassette mailing containers in the foreground. 80. Five talking book cassettes for "The Seven Minutes," by Irving Wallace (one in the open mailing container), and the standard print book at top right. 81. "Friends in Achievement" cake, with World Book and APH logos in icing at top left and right, respectively. 82. Recorded World Book Encyclopedia and other products in APH Display Room. 83. Carson Nolan (left), APH President, shaking hand of APH Board Presdient Joseph Woodlief. 84. APH President Carson Nolan holding plaque. 85. APH staff at recorded World Book Encyclopedia display, left to right: Mitzi Friedlander, APH narrator; Carson Nolan, APH President; June Morris, Director, Research Department; others not yet identified. 86. Recorded World Book Encyclopedia volumes and player on exhibit in APH Display Room. 87. Recorded World Book Encyclopedia volumes in APH Display Room.

Medium: Photographic Emulsion/Paper

Date: [1981]

History/Provenance: Received with materials from the office of Mary Nelle McLennan, special assistant to the president of APH and a former APH vice president.

Credit Line: APH Collection, 2009.22

Subjects: Buildings Manufacturing processes Products