APH employees working in braille production

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2004.130.1-28

Description: Twenty eight (28) glossy color photographs show APH employees transcribing and proofreading braille, stereotyping braille printing plates, enlarging illustrations, and participating in an in-office retirement party. Photos were taken mid-1980s through mid-1990s. Mid-1980s photos: .1 Aurora Vaca(?) sitting at stereograph. .2 Susan Robertson, braille proofreader, sitting at table with braille publications. .3 Lila Adkins using a pantograph. .4 Automated stereograph machine with braille embossing plate in frame. .5 Aurora Vaca(?). .6 Lila Adkins in stereograph room that later became the Callahan Gallery of the APH Museum. .7 Darlene Jones, braille proofreader, and, Waunda Cox, copyholder, who wears clown makeup and hat and a red nose. .8 Doris Abbott, Waunda Cox, Jean Moore, Rita Mudd, Lila Adkins, Ruth Wohner, with Christmas packages, 1986. .9 Rose Abbott Zineous sitting at a computer in an office cubicle, Braille Dept. .10 Arthur Vaughn moving packages on a wooden hand truck. .11 Waunda Cox, tactile graphics product tooler .12 Jean Moore using stereograph. .13 Linda Brown(?), at right, sitting in Cafeteria. .14 Waunda Cox taking transcriber test Retirement party for Doris Abbott, Braille Department, April 1993: .15 Doris Abbot holding framed artwork. .16 Group photo. .17 Doris Abbot unwrapping artwork. .18-19 Employees at party. .20 Phyllis Herrington seated and dog guide. Mid-1990s: .21 Dena Garrett sitting at computer, Braille Dept. .22 Pat Packer seated at desk, Braille Dept. .23 Jackie Oliver(?) standing next to filing cabinet, Braille Dept. .24 Rita Mudd & ? .25 Bonnie Williamson .26 ? .27 Ruth Wohner .28?

Medium: Photographic Paper

Print Size: 3.5 x 4 in.

Date: 1980s, 1990s, 1993

History/Provenance: Waunda Cox worked in braille production and retired from APH in 1992. She gave the photos to the APH Museum from her personal collection.

Credit Line: Gift of Waunda Cox, 2004.130

Subjects: Braille Employees Tactile graphics Transcription Photographs