APH Annual Meeting 1992 photographs

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2010.26.137

Description: Twenty-seven glossy, black-and-white photos of ex officio trustees, special guests, and American Printing House for the Blind staff at the 1992 Annual Meeting of the Ex Officio Trustees of the American Printing House for the Blind, held October 9-12, at the Brown Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky (photos described in list below); additionally, 12 contact sheets of these and additional photos that were taken during the meeting. 1. Attendees clap as they sit in rows of chairs in the Crystal Ballroom; special guest Fred Schroeder, executive director of the New Mexico Commission for the Blind, at center. 2. Special guest Bernie Pobiak, president of The Reader Project, Washington, D.C., explains advantages of Text2000 electronic books to Yvonne Howze, superintendent of the Missouri School for the Blind. He holds one of the electronic textbooks; she holds a printed volume. 3. Pobiak (left) talks about Text2000 to unidentifed man (center) and Donald Sundell (right), director of Technical Assistance for Sensory Impaired Programs (Pennsylvania). 4. Special guest Don Parkes (left), professor at the University of New Castle, Australia, looks at new product NOMAD with Sundell, whose hand rests on the product's touch-sensitive pad. 5. Special guest Bob Tom Johnson, Mississippi state textbook administrator, stands at a lectern to make a presentation. 6. Seated in the audience, smiling broadly and enjoying Johnson's presentation are, left to right, Jerry Watkins, superintendent of the New Mexico School for the Blind; Rick Welsh, president of the Greater Pittsburgh Guild for the Blind; and special guests Carl Augusto, president and executive director of the American Foundation for the Blind (New York), and Margaret Neiderer of MAN Consultants (Illinois). 7. Will Evans (left), superintendent of the Kentucky School for the Blind, receives COSB William English Leadership Award from Lou Tutt, superintendent of the Maryland School for the Blind. At far right, David Bice, APH publisher liason. 8. Special guest Bill Imperatore, professor of geography from Appalachian State University (North Carolina), explains features of APH's new tactile world atlas to special guest Judy Dixon, consumer relations officer of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (Washington, D.C.). 9. June Morris, APH executive vice president, stands at lectern and chairs the 4th General Session. 10. Warren Figueiredo (left), Resource Center coordinator, Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired, talks with Lynne Young, education supervisor of the Delaware Division for the Visually Impaired, and Gary Mudd, director of APH Public Relations, at reception. 11. Phil Hatlen (center), superintendent of the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, poses for a portrait with Hilda Caton (left), APH research specialist, and special guest Darleen Bogart, chairperson of the Braille Authority of North America. 12. Special guests Daniel Harmer (left), director of APSEA-RCVI, Halifax, and Dennis Thurman, superintendent of the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School, look at the InSights art exhibit from APH's first annual juried art competition. 13. Attendees aboard the Star of Louisville for a dinner cruise; Ohio River and fountain visible in background (only photo not taken at the hotel). 14. From left to right, standing side-by-side and gathered to prepare for a "Price is Right" giveaway event are Gary Mudd; unidentified man; Bill Imperatore; unidentified man; Hilda Caton; Phyllis Campana, APH Braille Division manager; Jack Decker, APH vice president of Production; Sheri Moore, APH research scientist; and Scott Blome, APH Consumer Information specialist. 15. Jack Decker, at lectern, announces the giveaway of an Impressor Braille Business Card Embosser. 16. Sheri Moore, at lectern, laughs during her giveaway presentation. 17. Mary Nelle McLennan, director of APH Educational and Advisory Services, stands next to Barbara Bunuan, director of Outreach Services at the Kentucky School for the Blind, who holds the "Price of Right" prize that she was awarded, an APH certificate for up to fifty dollars worth of large type books. 18. Mary Nelle McLennan (left) presents a "Price is Right" prize of a Hands On Kit to Sister Louis Marie Baxter, superintendent of the Lavelle School for the Blind (Bronx). 19. Mary Nelle McLennan presents a prize certificate to Warren Figueiredo. 20. Hilda Caton, standing at lectern, makes a "Price is Right" presentation while David Bice, standing next to her, looks at his watch as if to keep her on schedule. 21. Gary Mudd, at lectern, holds up a set of APH's new Spiral Pocket Notebook to be awarded as a giveaway. 22. Tuck Tinsley, APH president, stands facing the dais and empties the drawing basket onto the carpet as he draws for the grand prize. 23. Cay Holbrook, assistant professor, University of Arkansas (Little Rock), with hands raised, talks to a group of attendees that includes Lucia Hasty (far right), Colorado IMRC coordinator; Bob Brasher (third from left), state coordinator of educational services, Arkansas School for the Blind; special guest Gideon Jones (seventh from left), professor at Florida State University; and Tuck Tinsley, who is smiling broadly and looks over Holbrook's right shoulder. 24. Attendees, seated in Crystal Ballroom, listen to speaker who is standing at lectern; other participants are seated at a table on the dais. 25. Special guest Emerson Foulke (right), a consultant with the Braille Research Center (Louisville), shakes hands with an attendee. 26. Paula Penrod, APH consumer information assistant, sits at a table where notecards featuring InSights artwork are displayed. 27. Special guest Ritchie Geisel (left), president and CEO of Recording for the Blind (New Jersey); Tuck Tinsley (center); and Carl Augusto (right) stand side-by-side and smile for the camera. 28-39. Twelve contact sheets, black-and-white, show a total of 411 images.

Medium: Photographic Paper

Print Size: 8" x 10"

Date: 1992

Photographer: Callihan, Peg

History/Provenance: Photographs were taken for the American Printing House (APH) for the Blind and were kept in the APH Communications Department until their transfer to the APH Museum in 2010. Some appear in the APH Annual Report, 1992.

Subjects: Events Meetings Photographs