Andersson & Sorensen Writer


Accession Number: 1992.363

Description: (a) crackled-maroon enameled aluminum body; diebox arch is very flat on top as it reaches over carriage; machining and painting of machine is very neat and precise; six rectangular Bakelite resin braille keys, with a space key extending from middle, set at 90 degrees to the other keys; stamped onto angled front plate above the keys, "ANDERSSON & SORENSEN COPENHAGEN"; stamped onto raised oval area below maker name is "1000-68"; nickel plated back space push lever on right side of frame along with smaller nickel-plated carriage release knob and a tensioning screw for the mainspring, which is concealed inside the chassis; carriage has maroon enameled aluminum sides, a toothed steel bar on lower front which engages with a drive gear inside the chassis, a hollow aluminum tube on top front that engages a steel bar bracketed to the back of the drive gear housing, a lower aluminum paper roller with a paper clamp and black rubber knobs on both sides, an upper hard rubber secondary paper roller, and a notched margin set bar with spring-loaded margin sets on each side; a roller mounted in the middle of the margin set bar rests on a nickel-plated steel rod--square in section--that is screwed to the back of the lower die box; a tooth screwed to the bottom right of the carriage activates a nickel-plated end-of-line bell when the carriage is all the way to the left; (bc two piece case; writer (a) is secured to plywood base(b) with four screws; (c) enameled stamped steel top has an angled front, crimped edges, four steel feet on back; black plastic handle, stamped nickel-plated steel hardware, and keyed lock on front.

Height: 4

Width: 14.685

Depth: 9

Date Made: ca. 1945

Place of Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark

Credit Line: Gift of Judy Dixon, 1992.363

Subjects: Assistive technology Braillewriters Mechanical writing

Dimension Notes: overall, writer only

Made: Andersson & Sorensen

Material: Aluminum, steel, plastic, brass, wood, rubber

Updated: 08/11/2016