Analytical Balance


Accession Number: 2003.185.5

Description: Troemner #10 analytical balance; wooden base with adjustable brass feet; drawer in front, lap jointed, secured with iron pins; black rubber stopper screwed to front of drawer as handle, two holes on drawer front suggest original handle placement; drawer holds cardboard cylinder box holding two steel weights labeled "0.2" and "200 mg", a hammered non-ferrous metal beaker stamped "S.M. Co", a small key stamped "8-0" and a rectangular glass block held in a green felt-lined compartment; wooden framed glass box on top of base with removable front, front assisted by sash weights concealed in the sides of the frame; cove moldings on inside of box secure glass panes; glass panels on bottom of box painted black; gold plated brass pillar supports black anodized aluminum beam, two spirit levels at base of pillar; agate "planes" and "knives"; aluminum pans with gold plated brass wire arms; white faux ivory scale readout plate screwed at base of pillar; two knobs on front of base, right knobs raises arms that deactivate the scale, left knob is an exterior control for "rider weights."

Height: 19.188

Width: 19.25

Depth: 12

Date Made: ca. 1925

Place of Origin: Philadephia, PA

Collection: KSB Collection

History/Provenance: KSB Collection

Credit Line: Gift of the Kentucky School for the Blind, 2003.185

Subjects: Science. Instructional aids, tools, and supplies. Chemistry.

Made: Troemner Scale Company

Material: Wood, glass, brass, aluminum, gold, agate

Updated: 04/09/2019