AFB Talking Book Reproducer, Model U.S. 20


Accession Number: 2003.145.1-2

Description: (.1) Wood phonograph case, covered inside and out with black textured leatherette; lid hinged with three curled piano hinges, secured in open position with nickel-steel brace, secured closed with two nickel spring-latches on front, leather-wrapped paper carrying handle on two steel D-rings riveted to case on front; lid stores nickel steel canister of phonograph needles and unknown flat canister with spring-loaded lid; cloth strap in lid to secure headphones; nickel steel turntable with black wool pad, start-stop sliding switch on left, sliding speed switch (FAST-SLOW) on right; rectilinear aluminum tone arm on right, coated with textured black enamel, small thumbscrew on front allows easy change of needle; two headphone jacks on front right of turntable platform; nickel steel spring crank on right with black wood grip; four hard rubber feet on base; on tag in lid, "Property of the U.S, Government/Made for/The Library of Congress/Under the Supervision of the American Foundation for the Blind/New York City, N.Y./E.R.A. ACT 1935, Model U.S. 20, Serial No. A1240" (.2) Includes one pair of headphones stored in the lid and held in place by an elastic strap.

Height: 9.5

Width: 15

Depth: 21.25

Date Made: ca. 1935

Place of Origin: New York

Credit Line: Museum Purchase, 2003.145

Subjects: Assistive technology Phonographs Reading devices for the disabled Talking books

Dimension Notes: overall

Made: American Foundation for the Blind, Trimm Radio Corporation

Material: Wood, nickel, steel, felt, paper, hard rubber

Updated: 02/16/2016