AFB Foundation Writer

Mechanical Braille Writers

Description: The Foundation Writer was developed by the American Foundation for the Blind in their experimental shop in 1932. The Foundation contracted with Smith & Corona to manufacture their machine. AFB had purchased the braillewriter and stereograph making departments from Cooper Engineering in Chicago in the late 1920s. They discontinued the production of the old Hall Braillewriter, and decided to redesign the writer completely. Their machine featured a carriage return and line-space lever, a back space key, and margin stops similar to those found on standard typewriters. The keyboard resembled that of the Hall. Most of the writer's housing and parts were constructed from polished aluminum and stainless steel, giving it a streamlined look inspired by aircraft design. Production ended in 1947 after a total production of around 2,000 machines.

Height: 7"

Width: 18"

Depth: 9.5"

Date: 1932