A l’ecole Braille [At the Braille school]


Accession Number: 2006.22.5

Description: Disbound pages with 4 illustrations of a student room with a piano and the student activities of chair caning, gymnastics, and recreation. A continutation of an article about the school for the blind at Saint Mandé, France. L. Sabattier's signature appears on the caning and recreation illustrations. Includes text, in French, by Albert Montheuil. Published in: L'Illustration, issue no. 2848, pages 244-246.

Height: 15.5

Width: 11

Date Made: 1897

Maker: Sabattier, L.

Subjects: Blind Chair caning Education Gymnastics Recreation Vocational education Schools for the blind and visually impaired France

Dimension Notes: Dimensions provided for pages on which prints appear.

Updated: 06/29/2021