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A Child in a Strange Country.

Put it on display at your location. 

Rent this fascinating exhibit to display at your location. Child in a Strange Country is a fully accessible traveling exhibit designed for small museums, library galleries, and blindness agencies.

A black-and-white photograph of Helen Keller typing on a braillewriter at a large desk covered with potted plants, stacks of paper, and scattered art objects and paper weights

About the name.

In 1891, teacher Anne Sullivan used these words to describe her famous student, Helen Keller. “For the first two years of her intellectual life she was like a child in a strange country,” wrote Sullivan, realizing that for her student, no learning was possible until she could overcome the communication barrier posed by blindness and deafness.

Exhibit content.

This exhibit explores four primary subjects: Reading, Science, Math, and Geography. Using Helen Keller’s educational journey as a lens, the exhibit uses tactile reproductions and authentic artifacts to uncover the roots of modern education for children with vision loss.

Facility and space requirements.

The flexible nature of the exhibit allows for various floor plans, but the following is required.

  • 1,000–1,500 square foot exhibition gallery space, with electricity.
  • 9’ ceilings.
  • Nine crates must be stored by the host during exhibition.
  • Moderate security is required.
  • Hosting institutions must carry appropriate insurance.


Fees and schedules.

Shipping is included in the rental fee and will be arranged by APH.

  • 8 weeks = $5,000
  • 12 weeks = $6,000
  • 16 weeks = $7,000

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