Terry Hayes Sales


Description: Terry Hayes Sales (1916-2010) began her career as a singer on radio for the Columbia Broadcasting Company in Chicago when she was fifteen. She went to Stanford for a year, married, and moved to Louisville. Terry became a staff vocalist for WHAS radio—singing with Dale Evans and others– and performed in professional and semiprofessional plays throughout her life. She was at a play rehearsal in 1938 when another actress told her that APH was starting to record books. She was the first female narrator hired here, reading Myra Kelly’s 1904 girl’s school tale, Little Citizens. Terry read at APH from 1938 until 2002, and read over 800 titles and countless magazines. In 1988, she was one of the charter members of the AFB Talking Book Hall of Fame. During her long career, she became the only APH narrator to record on wax, on tape, and in the current digital format.