Stainsby-Wayne Braille-Writer

Mechanical Braille Writers

Description: Henry Stainsby (1859-1925), Superintendent of the Birmingham Royal Institution for the Blind, (later General Secretary of the British & Foreign Blind Association) along with Birmingham manufacturer Albert Wayne, introduced their portable braillewriter in late 1903. It would be frequently tweaked and altered over the next 30 years. This example reflects the design of the early model Stainsby-Wayne Braillewriter as it was pictured in the June 1910 edition of the Braille Review: bell located on the far left and with a long wire striker, teeth only on the rear rail, space key more oval and set at a right angle to the rails. The paper clamp, with its swivel locking bar and unique stepped shape, is also unique to that period.

Height: 3

Width: 13.5

Depth: 14.5

Date: 1910