St. Dunstan’s Braillewriter

Mechanical Braille Writers

Description: Sir Ian Frazer, director of St. Dunstan's, which was a rehabilitation center for blinded service men and women founded during WWI in England, announced in the April 1949 issue of the St. Dunstans review, " we have introduced a new St. Dunstan's Braille Writer... The new machine is not original. It is merely a copy of one of the best and simplest which has stood the test of time." The new machine was a copy of the German Picht Braillewriter, but with a back space lever, a carriage release, and a spring loaded margin set. From the serial numbers, it would appear that about 1,000 machines were manufactured, and that almost all had been distributed by 1963.

Height: 6.125

Width: 16

Depth: 11.875

Date: 1949