Perkins/APH Next Generation Brailler

Mechanical Braille Writers

Description: The Perkins/APH Brailler was introduced as a new product in 2008, a collaborative project from APH and Perkins Products. Perkins Products GM David Morgan supervised the redesign. Quieter and lighter than the original Perkins Brailler, which was introduced in 1951, it featured a built-in eraser, easy access margin sets on the front, and a shorter key-stroke which required less force. In 2009, it received a silver medal from the International Design Excellence Awards. APH sold about 6,150 of the braillers before they were discontinued in 2016. The initial versions suffered from warranty issues related to plastic components and overseas assembly, and some consumers disliked the narrower paper width. Paper also sometimes jammed in the paper intake.

Height: 6

Width: 13.75

Depth: 9.75

Date: 2008