Model 1921 Constancon Braillewriter

Mechanical Braille Writers

Description: Maurice Charles Constancon (1868-1944) was the director of the l'Asile des Aveugles (Asylum for the Blind) in Lausanne, Switzerland from 1901-1929. Constancon and Jean Jacques Auguste Aubert received a French patent in 1908 (FR460169-A) for a tablet like braillewriter, similar in concept to a Stainsby-Wayne braillewriter. In 1919, a corporation, Belisaire S.A., was created in Lausanne to market an updated version, arranged more like a typewriter. It was patented in Switzerland, France, and Germany by 1920, and manufactured by Sphinx S.A., a typewriter manufacturer in Fleurier, Switzerland.

Height: 4.5

Width: 10.5

Depth: 8

Date: 1921