Midget Braille and Point Writer

Mechanical Braille Writers

Description: Introduced in June 1912 by one of the original makers of the Hall Braillewriter, Samuel J. Seifred. According to the sales brochure, it was intended as a compromise between the Hall Braillewriter, William Wait’s Kleidograph, and standard point writing slates. It could write both New York Point and Braille, and be used with one hand. It cost $5 in 1912. Seifred was a former typewriter designer at the Munson Typewriter Company in Chicago. He and his partner T.B. Harrison helped develop the original Hall Braillewriter for Munson and later created their own business to manufacture the Hall machine. Seifred continued the business after his partnership with Harrison dissolved. He died later the same year this machine was introduced.

Height: 2.75

Width: 11.5

Depth: 5

Date: 1912