Light Brailler


Accession Number: 1999.56.2a-b

Description: This braille writer is one which is sometimes referred to as a "crab writer" due to its sideways motion of keys and carriage, from right to left, across the paper. It is a downward writing model, capable of interlining. The keys for dots 1, 2, and 3 are controlled by the ring, middle, and index fingers of the right hand. The keys for dots 4, 5, and 6 are similarly arranged for the left hand. A metal plate on top of the braille writer reads "Light Brailler." Another plate attached to the bottom of the wooden base of the braille writer has an inscription in Japanese and includes "No. 3360" and "3959." A brown metal cover with a handle on the top fits over the braille writer and fastens to the sides of the base. .2a - braillewriter .2b - lid

Height: 3.75

Width: 11.75

Depth: 4

Date Made: ca. 1950

Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Credit Line: Gift of Freddie Peaco, 1999.56

Subjects: Assistive technology Braillewriters Mechanical writing

Dimension Notes: overall

Made: Guzeisha (Guzei Inc)

Material: Tinplate, aluminum, plastic, wood, steel

Updated: 11/22/2013