Apollo Brailler Mark II


Accession Number: 2013.27

Description: Crackled-green enameled aluminum chassis, flat and rectangular with a perpendicular slotted type-die bar mounted on back of main body which runs almost the full length of the chassis and has an angle on the left side above the die-box; bright steel and black sheet aluminum carriage slides in nickeled steel tracks; keyboard mounted on the far left front, main body is slightly scooped beneath keyboard; standard seven key braille keyboard with the space bar in the middle, rectangular black plastic key pads; back space key arranged perpendicular and to immediate right of main keyboard; three rotating disks to left of diebox will lock carriage when engaged; black plastic paper roller knob on left; nickeled steel margin-set slide on back right of chassis; hinged compartment on bottom conceals AA battery compartment which powers the carriage-return bell; four black rubber feet; black fiber-board bottom liner; tag on black enameled aluminum sheet on right top of body, "APOLLO BRAILLER MARK II/834692" plus three lines of Japanese script.

Height: 4.125

Width: 15.375

Depth: 6.25

Weight: 4592.7

Date Made: ca. 1990

Maker: Nimoka (Nippon Moujin Youga Kaihatsu)

Place of Origin: Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Subjects: Assistive technology Braillewriters Braille

Dimension Notes: overall

Made: Nimoka

Material: Aluminum, steel, plastic, fiber-board, nickel

Updated: 05/18/2021