Closeup view of exhibit panel on the early schools

Our exhibits cover hundreds of years of blindness history. 

Our exhibits tell the story of the efforts of generations of parents, teachers, and students——both blind and sighted-to overcome obstacles to literacy and learning.


Online Exhibits 

From braillewriters to historic printing presses to historic figure Mary Ingalls, our featured exhibits will give you insight on how people with visual impairments live, learn, and thrive with the right kind of tools and the will to succeed.

Closeup of a curved metal embossing plate with a key to the braille alphabet in raised characters. A braille label on a metal plate is partially visible below.


Traveling Exhibits 

Bring a traveling exhibit inspired by the education of Helen Keller to a museum or library in your own home town.


Our Collection 

Use our vast and growing database of artifacts, photographs, and documents to pursue your own research interests.

Closeup of metal keys on a red New York Point stereograph machine

See what it takes to make the world accessible. 

You can’t really separate the factory floor from a museum visit, but you can appreciate what’s being done now vs. what was being done then.

Closeup of printing type in a wooden printer's tray