Connect the Dots Graphic Touch & Texture on July 13th 2024 10am-1pm at South Central Regional Library

Connect the Dots: Touch & Texture

For many museum visitors of all ages, whether blind or sighted, being able to interact with objects through touch is a memorable and unique experience. “Make-it-touchable” is the approach The Dot Experience at APH is taking to make the most accessible museum in the world.

Through hands-on play, children and adults will learn about the science of touch and texture, discover the ways APH has historically and currently used tactile graphics to provide access to education, experience using a white cane, weave a community art piece, and explore ways touch and texture will provide visitors access to the collections and exhibits within The Dot Experience, opening 2026.

Location: South Central Regional Library – 7300 Jefferson Boulevard | Louisville, KY 40219

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